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Ancient Umbrian Knitwear.
Manufactured in Terni, exported worldwide.

Giorgetti brothers

Our history

In 1961 our parents, who had worked with some of the best companies of the time and who were ready to start up their own independent business, founded the company in the wake of the best traditional Italian knitwear and, more specifically, Umbrian knitwear.

In 1970 the first factory was built covering more than 800m2 where tradition and modernization could be brought together. In fact, the first electronically controlled machines were installed alongside the old hand-held machines providing our customers with products of an even greater quality, produced with new types of production such as jacquard and fully-fashioned with the first technological innovations while at the same time, as is traditional in this area, keeping the human touch – a decisive factor in quality control.

The geographical location of the company in the city of Terni is not by chance since this part of Umbria is home to great industrial culture, easy communication routes as well as an abundance of nature and in particular of water.

This last feature is an essential element for the treatment processes which give the garments treated here, fully respecting nature, a particular look.

Giorgetti today

The company has already successfully handed over the generational baton and is now experiencing the second generation.

Since 1980, the Giorgetti brothers have been working in the company to the point that in 2001 the second factory with a totally innovative open-space concept was built.

Currently the factory covers approximately 3000 m2 with spaces that can be continuously sized according to production needs.

This means that the entire structure, which is 32 m wide and 75m long, is completely free of obstacles and all systems such as electricity, steam and data transmission are positioned up high so as to not hinder the production process and to make the working environment far superior to traditional spaces.


The new production plant has not forgotten the TRADITION of knitwear.

However, the changing needs of the clothing market in general, have meant that it has been enhanced with strong technological innovation and has integrated with other product types.

In addition to producing knitwear in the traditional sense such as fully-fashioned, increased stitching, jacquard and intarsia, GIORGETTI also produces jackets in integrated knitted fabric (such as linings, collars, sleeves), t-shirts in integrated knitted fabric, knitted fabric and the new HOME & SPA line offering throws, pillows, cashmere suits and accessories all of which are produced entirely in knitwear with designs and sizes on request.

Furthermore, in collaboration with specific clients, the company is developing the YACHT line with water-repellent materials and accessories for the nautical world. This is possible thanks to the company’s state-of-the art machines together with its experienced employees all of whom are motivated towards company growth and development.

Traceability and 100% quality MADE IN ITALY

The Company has an international unique barcode which allows it to be always recognizable.

This barcode also means that the progress of the product can be known in real time and provides the possibility to trace the dye lots / production batches of each component for any need and range.

Production is entirely made in Italy to the highest quality standards.

Employment assurances

The Company is able to give its clients full assurance that its employees are protected by the Italian national contract for the sector and that all safety regulations are complied with in accordance with the law.

It also guarantees that there is no exploitation of child labour in any of its production processes.