Immersed in the pleasant Umbrian landscape, nestled in the slopes of the Martani mountains, the monumental archaeological site of Carsulae, an urban centre built in the third century along a stretch of the old Via Flaminia, and which later became an important municipality in the Augustan age, is the perfect backdrop for the Giorgetti collections: collections which combine tradition and innovation, practicality and refined elegance.

The harmony of forms, the choice of materials, the attention to detail and the technical skill with which the Carsulae was built are just some of the distinguishing features of Roman architecture. Characteristics that have ensured both beauty and functionality and can be found in various forms but with the same value in Giorgetti designer clothes.

A spirit of Genius loci seems to waft among both the vestiges of antiquity and Giorgetti, a spirit which has always protected the idea of beauty, the true pleasures of life, respect for nature and the development of culture. Today, all of these elements, just as in years gone by, form a wealth of knowledge and know-how. Everything which is produced in Terni, in Umbria, is in some way interwoven with these important values and Giorgetti garments are a clear example of this excellence, heirs to an unparalleled tradition which is exported all over the world to bring out the best qualities of contemporary life.